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Beating the heat to keep processes and productivity moving.

When a cooling tower fails, can’t cope with a heat wave, or when other short-term problems overwhelm the cooling capacity of a tower, Aggreko Cooling Tower Services (ACTS) is ready to deploy the right solution.

A specialty group within Aggreko, ACTS is credited with pioneering the rental cooling tower industry. We have completed hundreds of projects across a wide range of applications — including some of the largest emergency cooling operations ever undertaken — for many industries. That experience, and the nationwide availability of our large fleet of temporary cooling towers, piping, pumping and power generation equipment, has dramatically reduced risks involved with implementing cooling tower solutions for any job at any scale. No other rental company in the world can offer this in-house expertise or the capability to respond to any emergency cooling need, no matter how large, no matter how far, no matter how urgent.

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 ACTS has the capacity, flexibility and expertise to resolve any temperature control issue. The capacity of the cooling towers within our fleet ranges from 100 gallons per minute (GPM) to 10,000 GPM, offering quick availability and the flexibility to scale up to address challenges of any size. For the biggest projects, the modular design of our cooling towers allows them to be interconnected to cool water at up to 1.5 million GPM. And because our fleet is nationwide, we have 24/7 tower availability and the logistic capabilities to take on major projects immediately, no matter what it takes.


Aggreko’s ability to rapidly deploy rental cooling towers to resolve myriad temperature control issues has significantly changed the way businesses deal with the heat.




A fleet of solutions for any temperature control issue.

  • Temporary Cooling Capacity — To maximize production during hot summer months or peak demand times, ACTS specialists use temporary cooling towers to lower the temperatures of water from your over-heated main tower.  
  • Cooling Tower Replacement and Repair — When a permanent cooling tower needs to be repaired or replaced, the work can be performed without any interruption in plant productivity by diverting water from the primary tower to Aggreko’s rental towers with the same capacity.  
  • Thermal Discharge — Maintaining process water discharge temperature limits is particularly challenging in hot weather. ACTS’ efficient solution is to run some of the overheated discharge water through our temporary cooling towers and then add colder water to the main discharge. The plant keeps running at full capability, discharging water at environmentally safe and compliant temperatures.
  • Emergency Cooling — ACTS reduces costly downtime after disaster strikes. We can deliver a turnkey system, including pipes, pumping, electrical distribution and generators to restore cooling capacity within days — or even sooner, if the customer has prepared an emergency contingency plan with Aggreko.
  • Wastewater Cooling — For water-intensive applications such as natural gas drilling, ACTS’ temporary, portable water coolers can cool water overheated by subsurface or hot environmental conditions for recycling and reuse it in drilling or before ponding and treatment. This can minimize the use of often scarce water supplies.
  • Temperature Maintenance — Some facilities such as water treatment plants or fish farms require tightly controlled water temperatures to function. Hot weather plays havoc with water temperatures in these small, open bodies of water. Cooling towers can cycle and cool water at a controlled rate to maintain optimum temperatures.

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